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May 03, 2020

EP7 - Taking Rakuten Kobo Global with Michael Tamblyn, CEO Rakuten Kobo

CEO of Rakuten Kobo, Michael Tamblyn, sits down with me to talk about his experiences leading and growing a Toronto startup through a global expansion and acquisition by a not so likely suitor. Not a venture fund, not a valley power-house, not a wealthy family...but the largest e-commerce player in Japan, Rakuten.

April 30, 2020

EP6 - The Power of the LinkedIn Platform

I had the opportunity to speak with Diana Luu, Head of Marketing Solutions Canada & Business Services North America at LinkedIn about LinkedIn and some useful tips and tricks we can all use (and should).

April 26, 2020

EP5 - Find Your Yes With Erica Ehm

For fourteen years Erica Ehm has been developing her craft as an entrepreneur and CEO, after spending the first part of her career as an icon in Canadian television and music.  From interviewing rock bands, to informing and educating parents on being their best, Erica has used her skills as a creator, innovator and disruptor to turn all of her endeavours into incredible success stories.

April 19, 2020

EP4 - Working from Home

I recently posted a single question on Linkedin and Twitter asking a very simple question. What’s your number one tip for staying motivated while working at home? It was a popular post and I wanted to dig in further, so I recruited a panel of 5 executives to discuss the topic and at the same time, answer some fun and embarrassing questions along the way.

April 12, 2020

EP3 - The Fractional Executive

Today, I have the luxury of having two seasoned executives to talk about their transition from corporate, full time employment to the new world of the fractional employment, as fractional executives. Rory Capern and Chris Hodgson both ex-Google executives, join me to discuss their own transitions while giving great advice on how to make the jump if you are considering fractional work for yourself.

April 05, 2020

EP2 - Launching an Outplacement Startup in the Middle of a Pandemic

Amy Davies is the founder and CEO of First 30 Incorporated (https://first30ready.com), an innovative technology company that has developed an online and mobile-friendly outplacement program, offering 30 days worth of coaching videos and resources that businesses can offer to their employees affected by restructuring and layoffs. Amy is also the author of A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World.

March 29, 2020

EP1 - My Three Team Rules

I have decided to launch this Podcast, FineTune with Corby Fine, for those of you who are looking to 'Fine Tune' your business, your team or yourself.  I am going to offer innovative ideas, opinions and examples to address all kinds of different challenges, while identifying opportunities to help you innovate and succeed using my two decades of experience.