April 6, 2021

EP25 - Are You Really Listening to Your Customers with Shannon Katschilo of Medallia

EP25 - Are You Really Listening to Your Customers with Shannon Katschilo of Medallia

Your customers have so many options, so many different ways that they can relay feed back to you. Sometimes they call you, other times they fill in surveys. If you're like me, sometimes you just go to Twitter and shout it out publicly and hope that the company is monitoring it. The ways in which your customers can provide feedback has never been more complex.

Customers are communicating with businesses. They're providing unparalleled insights to inform  brands, organizations, the companies that they deal with, with all kinds of information. Now, the question is, are you as someone working in that business truly listening? Sometimes you actually think you are, but are you really? Do you really know how to listen to all of those different channels of feedback?

Shannon Katschilo is the GM and Vice-President of Medallia in Canada. She has a long career focused on all kinds of different verticals and industries where she has spent her time helping organizations understand what their customers are telling them. Shannon provides us with a great list of five things that leaders and businesses need to do to really understand their customers.

  1. Listen before you lead
  2. Leverage your employee insights
  3. Pulse check your ego
  4. Place power in the positive
  5. Ask the right questions

Listen in as Shannon and I discuss what these mean and how you can apply them in your business so that you don't miss out on what your customers are trying to tell you.


Shannon Katschilo

Shannon Katschilo has enjoyed over 10 years working within the B2B SaaS space. Shannon started her career at Achievers, later acquired by Blackhawk Network Holdings Inc., where she worked with organizations across North America to increase employee engagement. Her commitment to driving customer success resulted in a significant increase in employee and customer engagement. Since joining Medallia over three years ago, Shannon continues to champion customer and employee engagement.

In her current role, GM of Medallia Canada, she leads a team of passionate Medallians across the country who work with Canada’s most iconic brands to deliver superior customer and employee experiences.