March 14, 2021

EP24 - How to stay Relevant on Marketing, Technology and Other Stuff with Jed Schneiderman

EP24 - How to stay Relevant on Marketing, Technology and Other Stuff with Jed Schneiderman

Jed Schneiderman is a proven entrepreneur, and executive in the marketing, media and technology space.  When I think of Jed, I think of someone who is known for his thought leadership on topics ranging from marketing and technology, to being an entrepreneur and  building successful businesses in the mobile, streaming, broadcast and internet technology spaces, and in "connecting the dots" having been at the forefront of major consumer tech trends and events, and by leveraging strong marketing experience across multiple global brands.

Jed was the Co-Founder and President of Tapped Mobile, a leading North American mobile media company which was acquired by EQ Works in 2018 and before that, Jed was the On-Line Business Group Lead at Microsoft Canada where he was responsible for driving the business and marketing strategies for the Windows Live, Search and the Mobile Services businesses.  This is where I met him - as the lead on his agency doing a bunch of cool and innovative digital marketing campaigns...

So - the reason I asked Jed to join me today is that I find he is the most tagged LinkedIn profile I know of when people want someone's opinion on a variety of topics...and so my big theme of the day is, how is anyone expected to stay on top of all the fast moving and developing information or marketing, technology, business and digital transformation...

People always ask me, how do I seem to stay abreast of the latest and greatest...FOLLOW JED ONLINE!  Simple right....

Here are a few highlights of Jed's wisdom from our discussion and below, a list of the sources Jed referenced as his go to destinations for staying on top of our ever changing digital and marketing environments:

"We live in a world where there is so much content that at some point curation becomes one of the most important things"

"Machine learning is good for pattern recognition, but I don't think it's good for insight"

"Maintain curiosity"

 "Don't underestimate the power of asking great questions"

The Message
The Peak
Media in Canada

Mark Evans -


Ad Tech

Data / Charts

Fun - shows new patent filings

How I built this -
Reid Hoffman Masters of Scale -
Work Life with Adam Grant - Org Culture -
Fine Tune with Corby Fine -

Tim Dolan Kickframe -
Ben Evan -
Tomasz Tunguz - SaaS focused -
Daniel Eckler - Sapcecadet - Innovation and Trends -

Jed Schneiderman

Working in mobile marketing space – helping brands/marketers connect on-line and off-line. A Marketing and Digital professional with a proven track record of growing revenue and generating profit, developing winning business and marketing strategies, and building great teams. Unique combination of CPG, Technology, Loyalty/CRM, Media and Software experience ideally suited for navigating new reality facing marketers. Strong digital experience across all digital platforms including web, broadband, mobile and video-on-demand. General management building businesses and running established businesses with strong planning and operational expertise and client-services experience. Strong marketing background with deep understanding of launch marketing, loyalty/retention marketing, email and permission marketing, search and social media marketing. Community Builder Who Likes to help others.